Inna Pesigan

She is a competitive, bubbly and very friendly mother of 2, teacher & entrepreneur. Inna will enable you to realise that you are much stronger than what you thought you were. Get ready for a ton of fun, and to forget that you are pushing yourselves further than you ever imagined.

Chino Roque

An athletic, easy going guy that will lighten up your day with his enthusiasm, energy and positive attitude. His class will be one of many laughs, enjoying his crazy stories, and getting to know what you are capable of, as he believes in you more than you usually believe in yourself.

Sam Bengzon

Being a well-rounded athlete, father and businessman has caused Sam to inspire many people who've met him. He genuinely cares about the individuals in his class and consistently pushes you past your comfort zone, as he knows thats the only place to grow. Experience a challenging, stimulating, and fulfilling sweat session with one of Central Ground’s most successful CrossFitters.

Gab Albano

Known for his lifting capabilities and extreme athleticism, you can expect to be extremely motivated and encouraged throughout his class. With a youthful demeanour, Gab thrives on the success of others and will not rest until you have reached the goals you have expressed to him.

Boogie Crisostomo

A skilled gymnast with an outgoing personality has enabled Boogie to help many people unlock skills they've only dreamed of. Get ready for a high intensity, high energy, highly enjoyable session that will enable you to out-do yourself every time you step through our doors.

Rachelle Love

A stylist, indoor cycling instructor and regionals CrossFit athlete allows her to share a ton of experience with everyone she encounters. She is a strong believer that your goals are her goals and that everything seems impossible until its done. Take the first step with her and experience what you never thought possible.

Job Wi

His outgoing personality and positive attitude has made Job a fan-favourite. When working out with him, you won’t even realise how much you are growing and challenging yourself, because you will be pleasantly distracted with a good time. Being our head coach and resident programmer has enabled him to positively change the lives of many individuals, and to bring our community together through the love of fitness. Job believes in every individuals greatness, and will do anything to make sure you believe it too.