New Schedule Alert

Your feedback is super important to us - Catch those extra zzz's on Saturday morning as we've added an 11:45 am CrossFit class! Need to be somewhere for family day? Don't worry we've got an 8:00 am CrossFit class for you now as well every Sunday.

And starting February 1, Wednesday, we'll be seeing you everyday for an early morning 8:00 am Sweat House session.

Want to know what it's like to be a part of the Central Ground family? Come book a class with us today! Visit our website or drop us an email at!

Limited Holiday Class Pack

The perfect gift is that of fitness. - Usually around this time of the year working out is at the back of our priority list, but it's never been this easy.

Share the Central Ground love with our new 4 class pass gift package! Or...if you're here on holiday, let's blast out a workout together!

The best part - if you sign up after your 4 class pass, you get 30% off of your membership fee! • Terms & Conditions Apply •

Visit to book your classes and for more information or email


Terms & Conditions

This package is usable for NEW MEMBERS only Groundbreakers may not avail of this package Gift card is valid for 14 days after date of purchase

The 30% discount only applies to unlimited membership packages

For the 3 months prepaid membership rate, the 30% discount is applied to the first month.


The power of mobility is life changing, especially for children who walk long distances daily just to get an education. This holiday season, in collaboration with Bikes for the Philippines, join us in raising funds to donated bikes for six bright and passionate students. Join us as we help shape the future in our own little way.

How to join:

1) Register at the front desk and get a challenge card
2) Donate any value - recommended is P1,000 (totalling 50 burpees)
3) Complete burpees equivalent to amount donated (P20 / Burpee)
4) Transform a child’s life
5) Join us on November 30 at 11:30 am to meet the children we have sponsored, to do a partner WOD, and to enjoy activities and food!


There is no limit! The more friends you refer, the more discounts you get. No more than one discount can be applied per month. The next referral will be applied to the following months accordingly.

You must have active membership with no past due payments. A member cannot freeze the month where the discount is applied. Deferring application of discount is only up to 30 calendar days after the referred friend signed up.

Inform the front desk once your friend has purchased their package! You must fill-up a short membership referral form for us to be able to properly track your referrals.

If you were referred by a friend, and are able to refer someone else that same month, the discount will be applied to your following month's membership fee.

If a member is on an individual 3-month prepaid rate, the 50% of the one month discount applies after the current membership expires.

For members on a corporate partner rate, the discount applies only to the individual who made a successful referral.

If you’re under a premium membership, and refer an individual who purchases a shared membership, the discount will be 50% of the shared membership rate.

If a member refers two people who sign up for a shared membership, the discount applies based on the number of membership packages availed.

The referral discount does not apply to members whose referrals has memberships that will expire doing the promo period.

Watch our for our partner WODs! You may bring ONE friend per session for free to show them how its done in Central Ground.

This Promotion is valid from From 11/07/2016 UNTIL 12/07/2016.

Central Ground CrossFit reserves the right to revoke the discount application if there is a violation of the terms or conditions stated above.

Welcome to Central Ground CrossFit

On behalf of the partners and coaching staff, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Central Ground CrossFit.

Our amazing journey in CrossFit began the same way as you. We all started as normal people who developed a passion to be, in one shape or form, a better version of who we were yesterday. We are just like you: fathers, mothers, working professionals, and business owners; regular individuals who took that first step and walked through the doors of a CrossFit facility almost four years ago. And since then, we have never looked back, becoming friends, competitors, and ultimately family. This same passion has driven us to pursue our dreams of creating a facility of our own, in the hopes of truly making a difference in the lives of others.

We aspire to not be just another gym. Our programming is simple: to teach you how to move better for everyday life. More importantly, we want you to have a place that you can call home. We work tirelessly to nurture and grow our community, one of those intangibles that fancy gym equipment or membership discounts can never replicate.

As with anything in life, things take time, and a bit of effort. Our team is committed to provide real value by understanding your goals and working with your side-by- side to achieve them.

Central Ground CrossFit is defined not by the facility, but by the members and coaches who will make it a great place for you to belong to. We hope that you can be a part of this new and exciting adventure with us.

Dino Alejandro
Big Kahuna, Central Ground CrossFit.